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Kewho Min Asks: “Can You Over-Give to Charity?”

With the holidays just around the corner, you’ll likely start to get more and more phone calls from charitable organizations asking for donations. You’re sure to find the Salvation Army stationed outside of stores ringing their bells hoping some kind passerby will drop their spare change into their red buckets. If you’re like most people, […]

Your Bucket List Debts (Pay ’em Off Before You Retire)

As time goes on, you’re closer and closer to retiring. You’ve likely been counting down the years in anticipation of this time that you can finally relax and not worry about having to get up and go to work every day and spend hours at a job. Even if you love your job, working for […]

Teaching Financial Literacy in the Classroom

Many Americans have the plight of being in debt and don’t understand the basic concepts of saving for the future or handling money responsibly. The Council for Economic Education recently conducted a survey where they found that a mere 20 states have taking an economic class in high school as a requirement to graduate. These […]

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