With the recent technological advancements, people are looking for safer and more efficient ways to travel. This is especially true in the busy five boroughs of New York City. The subway system is a popular topic, as many people would like to see the recent innovative technological advancements impact the subway system. While there are many exciting projects on the horizon, law makers are still trying to figure out the best ways to combine the boroughs in a way that makes transportation easier. Here are some rumored projects that can greatly enhance the New York City Transportation system.


The Triboro


The Triboro has been proposed by the Regional Plan Association. The Triboro would connect Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx in a way that would make transportation quicker for riders. The Triboro would run through Bay Ridge and possibly Staten Island in the future. The Triboro would be an attractive option for those who want to detour pass Manhattan.


Soudview Ferry


The Soudview Ferry has already serviced more than a million riders, and recently introduced a new route, which connects Lower Manhattan to Astoria. In the future, The Soudview Ferry will pass through the Bronx.


AirTrain LaGuardia


There have been recent talks about an AirTrain connecting LaGuardia Airport to Midtown. There has been backlash to the proposal, due to the expensive costs and logistics. There is some doubt over whether this project gets approved, but financial partners are being sought out. Some firms have started outlining engineering and other work plans.


West Shore Light Rail


Officials have been curious about putting a light rail on the West Shore of Staten Island for a long time. However, in recent months, the project has started gaining momentum. The proposal seeks rail line stops at the Bayonne Bridge, where riders can transfer to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail in New Jersey. While there is promising momentum concerning this project, it likely will not be completed within the next few years.


East River Skyway


Officials have been looking for ways to deal with the fallout of the L Train being shutdown and how the impact of that decision will influence millions of New York commuters. The East River Skyway has received support from politicians. The major appeal of the Skyway is timing, as it is projected to transport commuters to their destinations within a few minutes.


The Brooklyn-Queens Connector


A few nonprofit groups have already endorsed this project, which would see a streetcar connect the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens. Most recently, Mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed the project, which still has some obstacles to overcome, including the financial aspects.