Kewho Min - Best Apps for Navigating New York City

New York City is great, but it is large and dense. There are literally millions of people walking at the speed of light trying to get to their next destination as quickly as possible, and if you’re a visitor or new to the area, it can be incredibly daunting to navigate your way through the Concrete Jungle. Luckily, I’ve hand-picked a few mobile applications that will make things a bit easier.


Exit Strategy

The New York City Subway is one of the most popular subways in the world, and if you’re visiting, you need to know how to navigate this intricately connected series of tunnels and train tracks. The Exit Strategy application is designed to do just that. The Exit Strategy application provides you with information on exactly where you need to stand on the subway platform in order to leave the subway car at the exact exit at your destination. The application even contains an interactive MTA map. Exit Strategy will have New Yorkers asking you for directions.



New York City is packed with Uber drivers. If you don’t want to ride the traditional New York City yellow cabs seen in countless films and television shows, then make sure to download the Uber application on your phone. You’ll be able to hail a ride in mere seconds. He rides tend to be nicer, and the prices are cheaper than a taxi. It will help you get around the city much faster than walking will.



Getting around the city is perfectly fine and well, but where is it that you’re going? Chances are after all of that traveling you’ll desperately want some New York City food. Luckily, Yelp will help you find the best tasting and best reviewed food that the city has to offer. You can search the city by the type of food that you’re in the mood for and you can get real reviews from real people. What’s more, the application also offers locations for shopping, activities and services. It’s essentially your one-stop shop for New York City fun.


Getting around New York City and exploring its many shops, restaurants and landmarks will take quite some time, but with these applications, it will make the experience a bit easier.