When it comes to composing a list of best restaurants in New York City, it is no easy feat. Taking into consideration that there are countless top-rated eateries throughout the city, from long-time establishments to the newer ones that seem to pop up almost out of nowhere and become a part of the New York City mix overnight. Any die hard foodie could spend hours, if not days, mulling over the best dining spots in New York City. Just to narrow down the list to a reasonable number, here is a list of the top Italian, French and Mexican restaurants that the city has to offer.



Mario Batali’s restaurant, Del Posto, has become the quintessential spot for upscale Italian cuisine. The restaurant is a huge, modern, two-story establishment with balcony dining overlooking a vast wine collection and the bar area below. While dining on five-star menu items, you will be delighted by the soothing sounds of a pianist on a grand piano that sets the atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience. It is not an average restaurant, so it should come to no surprise that the menu is pricey. However, it is worth every penny spent. If you want a one-of-a-kind dining experience, try the Captain’s menu with an all-Italian wine pairing. Del Posto is a reservation-only restaurant. With its five-star reputation, it is recommended to book your evening at least a few months out.



Located in Chelsea Market, three California transplants have made Tacos No. 1 just that! With tasty menu items, such as homemade aguas frescas, mouth-watering chicken quesadillas and their incredible version of pork tacos on corn tortillas that are out-of-this-world goodness, it is no wonder Los Tacos No.1 is a must when dining out in the Big Apple. Every menu item is seasoned to excellence and served with flavors that are nothing short of delicious. Even though there is no place to sit, this colorful taco stand will keep you coming back for more.



At Daniel’s, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will win you over, but it is the deliciously rich food that will keep you coming back for more. Priced a bit on the higher end, Daniel’s menu items, such as pan-seared black sea bass and spit-roasted guinea hen served on a bed of rice are what make this French restaurant stand out above the rest.