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Kewho Min How Accounting Leaders Can Earn Greater Engagement in the Accounting Department

How Accounting Leaders Can Earn Greater Engagement in the Accounting Department

It is common knowledge that the accounting and finance department is one of the most critical departments in any organization. This is because it handles the finances of the company, which are central to the growth and the future of the company. However, there is a perception that workers in the finance and accounting department […]

Kewho Min Chick Fil A

World’s Largest Chick-Fil-A Opens in Lower Manhattan

New York City is now the home of the world’s largest Chick-Fil-A restaurant, almost twice the size of its nearest competitor. Located in NYC’s Financial District at 144 Fulton Street, the restaurant is five stories high and encompasses 12,000 square feet. Although the fast food restaurant is the tallest in the Chick-Fil-A chain, it’s also […]

Kewho Min Accounting

Is the Accounting Profession for You?

Accountants prepare financial records for businesses and individuals. They prepare financial statements, tax returns, and analytical reports to help business owners and executives assess and plan for operating expenses and business growth. Auditors examine records to ensure financial and legal compliance in meeting tax and other financial obligations. Accounting Profession Outlook According to the U.S. […]

Kewho Min Need Help Networking? There’s An App For That

Need Help Networking? There’s An App For That

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. A hotbed of diversity, innovation and deep rooted history, New York City has a storied reputation for being a place that exudes success and opportunity. And, as a businessman myself, I understand the importance of utilizing every possible tool at your disposal for […]

Kewho Asks, “What Are the Best Places to Work in NYC?”

I stumbled upon a recent article that revealed the New York City area colleges that have alums who make the most money after graduation. Perhaps it’ll come as no surprise that the graduates with the higher income came from colleges with medical concentrations. Appearing on the list within the top five are SUNY Downstate Medical Center (top post-graduation salary: […]

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Call Something or Someone “Brilliant

“As a well-traveled New Yorker, I am no stranger to the word “brilliant.” In Europe, “brilliant!” is the colloquial response of agreement, the exclamation of shared accord. It’s what you say when you hear good news or celebratory announcements—or any other disclosures that are at least moderately agreeable. Your team at work wins a sought-after […]

Kewho Min: “How To Tell If a Co-Working Space Is Right For You”

  Over the next four years, you’ll see the rise of the independent worker. Experts say that by 2020, more than 40% of working Americans will be freelancers, contractors or temporary employees. While a lot of those independent workers will be on assignment at offices (three months here, one month there), many will also be […]

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