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Thank you for visiting Kewho Min’s site. Kewho is a former New Yorker but he has lived all over the world. Still, his heart (and his sports appreciation) lies in New York City.

Kewho’s profound respect for the City That Never Sleeps stems from his 13 years of professional experience working in the city. Shortly after his graduation from Montclair University, Kewho Min began working in the City of New York as an accountant for The New York Times Company. He then held various high-profile positions at a variety of reputable corporations and companies throughout New York City. It was during this time that Kewho developed a passion for the city that rings true to this day. The bustling streets, varied and vast culture and buzzing city life quickly made Kewho fall in love. Although he is no longer a citizen of New York, he still holds it very dear to his heart.

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