New York City is the greatest city on the planet. This is what most people believe, and while others would disagree, I personally have found this to be true. Growing up in New York City has made me fall in love with the culture, attitude and energy of the area. Unfortunately, because of New York City’s popularity it has earned some less than favorable stereotypes and assumptions. Well, as a New Yorker at heart, I am here to dispel any and all myths surrounding my beloved New York City.


People Are Rude

I figured we should probably get the most popular myth out of the way first. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that New Yorkers are rude. They say it so matter-of-factly that you’d swear they’re residents of The Big Apple; the sad truth is that most of these people have never even visited. And if they have visited, they claim that New Yorkers move past them quickly, bump into them or are just not very patient. New Yorkers aren’t rude; they’re just simply always moving. There are approximately 8 million people crammed into the city, and each person has his or her own busy schedule. These people have to go to school, work, business meetings, etc. and they need to navigate past 8 million other people. New Yorkers aren’t rude, they are simply on the move to their next destination, and the city moves just too quickly to stop. Throw in the fact that the city is congested with tourists who are constantly slowing down and stopping to take photos and any New Yorker can easily seem rude, but they are simply just trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible.


The City is Dangerous

Another very popular misconception is that New York City is incredibly dangerous. This is simply untrue. While, admittedly,  New York City does have crime, so does every single city in the world. What’s even more important is the fact that just last year, New York City had a record-low crime rate. More specifically, last year saw only 998 reported shootings. That is the lowest rate since the city began tracking shootings. The city also had a banner year in terms of murders, with only 335 last year. Other larger cities, like Chicago, have seen much higher crime rates.


Everything is so Close By

While it is true that there is always something to do in New York City, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is close by. In certain areas, like Times Square, several shops and stores and hotspots for food or entertainment are very close by, other things are not. That is why the subway and taxi services exist. A lot of people are under the impression that they can get from one place to another in a few blocks. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.


It’s obvious that I have a huge place in my heart for New York City so I may come off as biased, but as someone who has lived and worked there, I can attest to each of the entries on this list. Hollywood has a tendency to portray New York City as many things, not all of them good. But if you’re planning on visiting the city, do not let these stereotypes deter you; visit New York City. You will meet nice people, eat great food and see some of the most beautiful landmarks on Earth. After a few hours in the city, I’m sure you will agree that New York City is “The Greatest City on Earth.”