Christian Pulisic is being hailed as the next big U.S. soccer star. While soccer is not nearly as popular stateside as it is globally, the U.S. viewership and audience have been growing steadily year by year. With Pulisic, who is just 17 years old, some are wondering if the popularity of the game will see an increase.

Pulisic’s success is still very early. His just scored his first career US national team goal in May. Still, if you’re a soccer fan, you’re likely to be hearing more of this young man’s name. Here’s a primer on who he is.

Christian Pulisic has been playing with the big boys, but he just sees himself as “one of the guys.”

Christian Pulisic is the “youngest American in the modern era of the US National Team to score a goal.”

Christian Pulisic is a typical teenager from Hershey, PA.