New York City is an amazing city. It’s well-known for its population, bright lights and landmarks. And although it may seem as if every single building in NYC is well-known, it holds several hidden gems. In an effort to help shed light on some of these lesser-known buildings, I’ve decided to highlight a few of them.

Le Cirque at Bloomberg Tower

The Bloomberg Tower is a relatively well-known building in NYC. Granted, it’s no Empire State Building or World Trade Center, but it still has some pedigree behind its name. But, for all intents and purposes, on its own, the building isn’t very unique. However, the building found at Bloomberg’s courtyard is certainly eye-catching. The courtyard is circled by a gorgeous, all-glass structure. The building even houses Le Cirque, a well-known and beloved restaurant.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

The World Trade Center was once known worldwide as a series of buildings that housed multiple high-profile businesses. Unfortunately, since the tragic events of 9/11, it will always be a somber subject for Americans. However, for as well-known as the major World Trade Center buildings are, there’s another structure that gets much less recognition: the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The building, opened in 2016, serves 250,000 commuters daily and features an incredibly unique exterior design; featuring a series of large, parallel, white pillars extending outwards, the building resembles a white dove. Unique and graceful, this is one of NYC’s best architectural masterpieces.

VIA 57 West

If you’re looking for an apartment in NYC with one of the city’s most unique designs, then look no further than VIA 57 West. This rare architectural marvel is in the shape of an asymmetrical pyramid and houses 709 units. It features a large open-air garden in its center and a variety of amenities, such as a rec room and a children’s playroom. This building truly is a sight to behold.


New York City has dozens of other uniquely designed buildings; this is only a fraction of the list. Make sure to take a trip to The Big Apple whenever you get a chance and see these buildings for yourself.