New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. A hotbed of diversity, innovation and deep rooted history, New York City has a storied reputation for being a place that exudes success and opportunity. And, as a businessman myself, I understand the importance of utilizing every possible tool at your disposal for networking. And what better tool for networking than one of the largest cities in the world? And in the digital landscape known as 2017, applications are king, and there is an application for just about anything these days. One application in particular is looking to increase networking tenfold for users.

Founded in 2014 by Ludovic Huraux, Shapr is a networking application that is designed to create the ideal professional network for any user. The application uses an in-house algorithm in order to match users. By looking at your level of professional experience, job title, location and even interests, Shapr will locate other professionals that it feels you will connect with. Users are greeted with 10-15 daily networking suggestions and, similar to the popular dating application Tinder, can choose whether or not the match is right in under a minute.

Huraux, who is also CEO of the startup, in a personal statement on the company’s mindset, noted the importance of making new connections. “New connections foster new ideas, projects, collaborations, and friendships. At Shapr, we promote a ‘mindful’ way of networking,” he said.

You may be asking yourself, why should I care about a networking application? Well, networking is an incredibly important part of being a professional and becoming successful.

Tom Farley, President of the NYSE has noted the importance of networking, and even wrote an entire article on it for Fortune. In the article, Farley states, “When I think about my own career, I owe every job I’ve ever had to networking.” He even goes on to mention how his current role as President of the NYSE only came about because of networking years ago with the current Chairman of the NYSE, Jeff Sprecher.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for investors or other like-minded individuals to help you in your cause or a business professional looking for potential clients, partners or even employees, Shapr could be a huge advantage for you. With 44,000 users in New York City alone, using Shapr could introduce you to some of New York City’s finest entrepreneurs, business professionals and innovators.