The idea of the “American Dad” has been around for a long time. For a long time, the mold of being an American Dad was being the sole breadwinner as well as leaving most of the childcare and housekeeping to the wife. A lot of this has changed, so it’s time to meet the new American Dad.

More Dads are becoming “Mr. Moms”

Stay at home Dads were often referred to as Mr. Moms because they were taking on the role most often associated with mothers. Nowadays, more and more dads are becoming stay-at-home dads. According to, “7% of U.S. fathers with children in their household were not working outside the home.” This may not seem like a lot, but there has been a sharp uptick since the late 80’s and very well could continue to rise.

Work/Family Balance is still challenging

Dads everywhere are saying they find it challenging to balance work and life when it comes to their kids. Dads are also reporting that it is difficult to cram everything into their day. They want to spend more time with their kids, but aren’t always able to because of work.

Dads aren’t the only breadwinners

The new class of American Dads are not the only ones bringing in the bacon. Many families are relying on both the mother and father’s income to support the household. Unfortunately, three-quarters of people surveyed say it has made it harder to care for children with both parents working. Although, a majority of people also reported that it has made it easier for their family to live comfortably.

Parental Gender Roles are changing

Moms and Dads are no longer conforming to rigid gender roles. Dads are taking over more of the household duties such as cooking and cleaning. They are also changing more diapers and participating more actively in childcare. Additionally, as stated above, more mothers are going to work and taking all of the stress off of the Dad to be the sole provider for the family.

Dads want more time with their kids

Very few people are saying they spend less time with their kids than what their parents spent with them, but most are saying it’s not enough. About half of the Dads surveyed in 2015 said that they are not spending enough time with their kids. They are taking on more of a responsibility and actively want to spend more time with their kids.