Kewho Min | Certified Public Accountant/ Finance | New York City

Kewho Min is a dedicated and experienced professional accountant based out of New York City


Kewho Min NYPD Vehicles to Receive Bulletproof Windows

NYPD Vehicles to Receive Bulletproof Windows

There are many things that New York City is well-known for. It’s electrifying atmosphere, its bright lights and its dedicated police department, to name a few. New York’s Boys in Blue, as they are so lovingly called, patrol the city’s streets, subways and sidewalks ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. They are a […]

Cashless Tolls Coming to New York in January

For years, turnpikes and bridges were patrolled by drivers having to stop and pay a cash toll as they made their daily commute or traveled. Toll booths are particularly common around large metropolitan areas, like New York City. When drivers enter the city, which many do as they commute to work, they must stop and […]

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