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Kewho Min is a dedicated and experienced professional accountant based out of New York City

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This US City Gives You More Real Estate Bang for Your Buck

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2017, the average household income was $57,652. However, that might not be sufficient to buy a family home in New York or San Francisco. If desiring a home in the $250,000 price range, you might get a 184 square foot apartment in New York or 208 square feet […]

NYC Penthouses Declining in Popularity with Luxury Real Estate Buyers

Living in a penthouse in a New York City skyscraper used to be coveted real estate that only the rich could afford. These wildly popular homes frequently sold for the tens of millions of dollars. They were the pinnacle of what “making it” in NYC meant and were luxurious for not only the stellar views […]

Which NYC Neighborhood You Should Live In

New York, New York. One of the greatest cities on Earth. Sinatra sang about it, it was the gateway to the U.S. and it is constantly featured in countless Hollywood movies. Millions dream of living in The City That Never Sleeps, but only a select few have managed to grow accustom to the hectic and […]

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