Keeping yourself fit is something you should focus on year round, but it can be a bit difficult to find the time or motivation to get going. This applies whether you’re living in a rural area or somewhere as busy and hectic as New York City. It can also be pricey to pursue conventional methods of keeping fit, such as purchasing a gym membership, hiring a personal trainer, or participating in classes. Don’t give up on your resolutions just yet. There are free ways to help you get and stay fit right in the city.

Athletic stores
You might not be aware that some athletic stores actually offer free classes in popular areas such as yoga, Pilates, boot camp, and more. Two well-known stores are Lululemon and Athleta. These can help introduce you to other like-minded individuals and save a few dollars while getting your workout in.

Shape up NYC
New York as a city wants to focus on fitness for its citizens by offering Shape Up NYC classes. These are available from the parks department and offer unique and fun classes such as belly dancing, line dancing, or hip-hop aerobics for a fun spin on conventional workouts. There are more than 200 different classes held across all boroughs of the city for free. Branch out of your comfort zone and try something new. It might become your favorite new activity.

Join a running group
Hold yourself accountable by joining a group of other runners who want to get out and stay active every day. It’s more fun to do it with others who have the same goals in mind. Outdoor groups such as The Rise NYC or the November Project join together at 6:30 a.m. early in the morning to work out before the workday begins.

Do it at home
Exercise at home is always a possibility to help you accomplish your fitness goals. Basic exercises can be done to work out a variety of muscle groups without requiring any special or pricey equipment. There are endless apps, videos, and tutorials to help guide your workout. Join an online support group for tips or advice when you feel like you need a bit of motivation to keep pursuing your fitness goals beyond the new year.