kewho min interview about uber being cheaper than the subway

Every New Yorker knows that commuting by subway in the summer months can be a grimy, sweaty, nerve-wracking, exhausting, and soul-crushing experience.

Enter Uber.

Sure, taking Uber everywhere and anywhere might not be feasible for the average New Yorker. But Uber’s online transportation network just got more affordable thanks to a new partnership with Gilt City, the local lifestyle site that offers exclusive offers. (Not sure what Gilt City is? It’s like Groupon for trendsetters, tastemakers, and insiders.)

Uber is soon launching UberPOOL, the shared-ride version of Uber wherein you split the cost with another person who just happens to be requesting a ride along a similar route. The company calls the shared service a beta service that will likely expand in mid-August. But New Yorkers are getting an early preview through a special offer with Gilt City.

Digital Trends reports that for the months of July and August, Gilt City will offer UberPool Commute Cards that offer unlimited rides and cost $49 for two weeks, $79 for four weeks, and $159 for eight weeks.

Of course, there are some stipulations: The card does apply during morning and evening and rush hours, but during those time periods, it’s only good for rides beginning and ending in Manhattan below 125th Street.

Still, the price could total up to less than a weekly or monthly subway pass.  

Says Digital Trends:

“NYC subway 7-day passes cost $31 (or $3.10 each for 10 rides a week) and 30-day passes are $116.50 ($2.91 each for 10 rides a week). So UberPool wins in this price comparison — but only if you only take the subway twice a day, weekdays only, and also only below 125th Street.

The subway passes are good for all five NYC boroughs 24/7. On a cost basis, the UberPool Commute Card works for Manhattan commuters who only take the subway to and from work.

But cost isn’t the only factor. People who’d rather not take crowded rush hour subways might prefer to ride with a few other people in an Uber car, especially during the hot summer months.”