With the holidays right around the corner, many people are traveling all over the world to be with family and friends. As one of the busiest traveling seasons, cities around the world tend to cater to tourists for the holidays, in order to not only wow them, but give them a reason to come back the following year. One of the most popular areas to visit is good old New York City. With its streets glistening with holiday lights, snow covered buildings and overcrowded sidewalks, it’s no wonder why people love coming to see the Big Apple. If you are one of the many millions of people that decide to visit New York this holiday, here are a few popular things to do that are sure to make your holidays happy.

Bryant Park Winter Village

Located behind the New York public library in Manhattan, Bryant Park is a tourist’s dream location. Teeming with over 100 holiday shops, fantastic restaurants and brand new kiosks, Bryant Park will surely have something for everyone. Even with all of that, the park’s crowning jewel is undoubtedly its 17,000 square-foot rink.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

For 88 years, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has dazzled and delighted fans with its wonderfully choreographed dancing and whimsical music. Featuring The Rockettes, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is one of the city’s staples, and proves to be a huge tourist attraction. This year’s shows include “Rag Dolls,” a tap routine so elaborate, the girls’ shoes have microphones strapped to them, and the “Sleigh Ride Reindeer Knee Pops.”
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This year marks the 84th lighting of the beloved Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Every year, thousands of people gather around the tree to see it light up in a myriad of colors. Another staple of the center is its ice skating rink, now celebrating its 80th anniversary. Come for the lighting of the 78 foot, 10-ton Norway Spruce, and stay for the large, world-renowned rink.

Holiday Windows

What’s the holiday season without a lot of spending? Another one of New York’s hallowed traditions is walking up and down Fifth Avenue staring at the colorful and clever designs of the store windows. From Macy’s to Barney’s, these classic department stores have made it a point to decorate their windows with classic cartoon characters or christmas figures, like Santa Claus and Rudolph. What’s more, sometimes these department stores hire local and world-famous artists to craft gorgeous pieces that stand apart from the traditional fare of snowflakes and reindeer. It’s something of an art gala mixed with a shopping experience. It’s something that any New York visitor should do at least once.

Hanukkah in New York

Admittedly, the majority of holiday events based in New York are, in fact, Christmas related. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t holiday alternatives that can prove just as fun and engaging. For example, Light Up the Night Hanukkah Gala is extremely popular with millennials, drawing in an impressive 500 visitors. The event takes place in the Museum of Jewish Heritage and offers a gorgeous view of the New York harbor, delicious traditional Jewish food and an open bar. The World’s Largest Menorah lighting is also a popular attraction, featuring a 4,000 pound, 32-foot-tall lamp in Central Park.

Whether you are a tourist or a red-blooded New Yorker, there’s always something to do in the City That Never Sleeps. And this holiday, there are dozens of attractions, events and holiday fun located throughout the city.