In New York City, there are always hundreds of events happening at any given second. There’s enough activities in the city to last someone for a lifetime. Having so many options also makes it difficult to decide what to do when you’re only visiting the city for a day or so. As a native New Yorker, I’ve compiled a list of activities you should definitely check out if you only have 24 hours in the city this September.

Visit a Museum

Something an entire family can enjoy is a visit to a museum. Usually, students or kids get reduced or free admission, and there are also special family rates! The American Museum of National History is a great time for any visitor; there’s enough to see that you could spend an entire day there! For an added bonus, September 24th is free museum day, where you can choose a ticket to one of 98 museums, in and around NYC, for two people.

See a Broadway Show

Broadway is renowned for the stunning performances that take place on the stages there. The Color Purple opens September 1st and is highly anticipated by critics and viewers. Other performances on Broadway include: Cats, Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Wicked, The Lion King, and Fiddler on the Roof. There’s dozens of other musicals or plays to choose, ranging from classics to new creations.

Do a Daytime Cruise

Take a cruise along the beautiful Hudson River or the New York Harbor. You can take a short trip over to Staten Island. You’ll get a stunning view of the Manhattan Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and even the Brooklyn Bridge! September is the perfect time to go on a daytime cruise, since it’s still warm, but the ocean breeze will feel great.

Attend NY Fashion Week Events

Between September 8th-15th is New York’s annual Fashion Week. Though most events are invitation-only, there are some events that are open to the public. You can check out this list to find those. Designers come from all over the world to show off their creations during a week that a lover of fashion cannot forget.

Go to the Book Festival

September 18th is the annual Book Festival in Brooklyn, which features pop-up bookshops, author panels and readings, and a week of other events occurring throughout the neighborhood. It will definitely be a book lover’s paradise! Check out their website for more details.