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Kewho Min on Fatherhood and Money

As a father, I hope to set a good financial example for my kids. Imparting daily lessons about money, spending, and saving is a huge part of parenting. Recently, I stumbled across a 2014 article, “6 Fatherhood Tips for Parenting Money-Smart Kids,” at, the website for the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse.  The advice included resources and tips […]

The Knicks Hired a New Coach. Now What?

This week, the New York Knicks announced that its next coach would be Jeff Hornacek, the former head coach for the Phoenix Suns.  The hiring took many people by surprise with the New York Post outright calling the decision “a Phil Jackson stunner.”   Before tapping Hornacek, Jackson had reportedly been on the hunt for […]

The Beautiful New Stories on Humans of New York

Just about every New Yorker knows–and loves–Humans of New York. If you’re not familiar with Brandon Stanton, the creator behind the one-man operation, you’re in for a treat. The site,, features interviews and photos with thousands of New Yorkers. The site has developed a large following through social media. The blog has over 16 million followers […]

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Call Something or Someone “Brilliant

“As a well-traveled New Yorker, I am no stranger to the word “brilliant.” In Europe, “brilliant!” is the colloquial response of agreement, the exclamation of shared accord. It’s what you say when you hear good news or celebratory announcements—or any other disclosures that are at least moderately agreeable. Your team at work wins a sought-after […]

Kewho Min: “How To Tell If a Co-Working Space Is Right For You”

  Over the next four years, you’ll see the rise of the independent worker. Experts say that by 2020, more than 40% of working Americans will be freelancers, contractors or temporary employees. While a lot of those independent workers will be on assignment at offices (three months here, one month there), many will also be […]

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