For most, first dates are nervewracking. There’s the stress of picking the right outfit, the right things to say to sound cool, but not braggy, and most importantly, finding the perfect spot to meet. Luckily for those that live in NYC, the city is full of cool spots that are sure to impress. Remove some of the stress from your next first date by selecting one of these four spots in the city.

Lillian’s Victorian Establishment

Hell’s Kitchen doesn’t have many meeting spots, which is part of the appeal of Lillian’s Victorian Establishment. The Victorian theme is inspired by the bar’s namesake, Lillie Langtry, a successful British actress and socialite of the late 19th century. The antiquities and ornate wooden carvings that decorate the bar come from the ballroom of an 1800’s Northern Ireland estate, marking the bar as reminiscent of the late and great Victorian gin palaces. Impress your date with the historical context of the bar, and the broad selection of drink options.

Katana Kitten

If you’re unsure what kind of bar experience your date will enjoy, Katana Kitten in West Village is the spot to choose. You can pick from a noisy, crowded basement-style atmosphere or travel upstairs and find yourself in a refined cocktail lounge. Those who consider themselves craft cocktail lovers will be impressed by the bar’s Japanese-influenced offerings, including a shiso gin and tonic.

Swift Hibernian Lounge

For an authentic Irish bar experience, head to the Swift Hibernian Lounge in Noho and have a seat in the reclaimed church pews seating straight from the homeland. No televisions mean no noisy sports crowd, making it the perfect place to get to know your date better. All cocktails are $13, and their menu features small plates, if you’re into sharing, or sandwiches, tacos and flatbreads if you’re not.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog

If you don’t mind crowds, The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog has been voted the best bar in the world. Mixing Irish-American hospitality with historical references to New York’s 19th-century Water Street tough crowds and Lower Broadway’s sophisticated cocktails. The Dead Rabbit has two floors, and each offers a different atmosphere for whatever your date might hold. Upstairs, enjoy a moody parlor setting and have a quieter and more intimate conversation. If you like to be part of the crowd, head to the ground level to enjoy craft beers and world whiskies.