New York City has always been known for its status. It’s the city where dreams can come true. It’s home to almost one million millionaires and houses the world’s financial trade center. So, needless to say, there’s a fair bit of opulence throughout the city. And while NYC has experienced its fair share of large-scale construction, it’s never seen a project as large as this one.

The long-gestating housing project, Hudson Yards, cost a whopping $25 billion to build (the country’s most expensive real estate development ever). Obviously, with a construction cost like that, the fancy apartment complex is aimed at the city’s wealthiest individuals.

At 88 stories, the luxury apartment complex provides an absolutely stunning view of Manhattan. And the building’s luxurious amenities are certainly worth the hefty price tag of a unit. And even though the building hasn’t officially opened yet (March 15th is the grand opening) it’s sold more than 60% of its units. To give you an idea of just how pricey these apartments are, one single condo runs for about $3.9 million and can cost as much as $88 million.

The luxury apartment building features a variety of top-notch amenities, such as a club room, multiple dining rooms, a screening room (complete with popcorn maker) a business center a yoga studio and even a wine cellar. There’s also a pool with a magnificent view of Manhattan.

What’s more, Hudson Yards isn’t exclusively a residential property. It’s a multi-faceted complex ripe with public spaces, art installations and even hotels. The complex is designed to attract citizens to the area. Once completed, the entire complex is set to be quite the spectacle, with its contemporary and sleek designs and wide-open concept.

I’m very excited for Hudson Yards’ completion. I think it will be another addition to the city and give visitors all the more reason to live in the City That Never Sleeps.

Once the building is completed, I’ll see if I can provide updates to what the rest of the building is like. I’m certain that the building will have little problem with selling the remaining spaces.