A Brief History
Central Park lies nearly right in the middle of Manhattan, New York. With millions of visitors on an annual basis, Central Park is one of the largest parks that New York has to offer. The park has an estimated 843 acres for people to enjoy between the hours of 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. Central Park was approved for construction in 1853 but didn’t reach completion until over two decades later in 1876. Over the course of its history, more attractions have continually been added to Central Park to satisfy the wide range of visitors that the park sees. Along with the Lasker Pool and Rink, the park also has a zoo, a carousel, basketball courts, soccer fields, and a mall. Central Park became a historic landmark in 1963.

Latest Upgrades
The Central Park Conservancy is responsible for the redesigning of Central Park. Recently, the organization released new information regarding the $150 million project that it will soon begin. The project will replace the Lasker Pool and Rink that has been in the park since 1966. The new design will not only fit better within the scheme of the park but, through the removal of the old structure, will also allow better water flow between the north and south sections of the park.

The current Lasker Pool and Rink will be torn down in favor of a pool that sits within a hill in that section of Central Park. As with previous years, the pool will be converted into an ice skating rink for the winter months. The Central Park Conservancy also is replacing components with more environmentally-friendly technology to reverse the damage done by the previous pool and skating rink design.

The Central Park project is expected to be completed by 2024. Due to the current popularity of Lasker Pool and Rink many people are looking forward for the design that is to come next. For ice skaters who would like places to skate during the construction of the new pool and rink there are several venues that offer ice skating around New York. There are also a large number of places that offer water activities for people would like to get wet during the summer.