The 4,000 square foot Milk Bar flagship location opened on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at the Ace Hotel, 1196 Broadway at 29th Street, New York City. This is the 16th location of Milk Bar, owned by MasterChef Junior celebrity judge Christina Tosi, and it is definitely the sweetest of them all because it has every sweet concoction or experience you can possibly want or dream about.

According to Eater New York there are four levels. The basement houses a classroom where aspiring bakers can learn about cake-layering and Milk Bar’s signature pie-baking. The research and development lab is nestled in the basement, and samples of future Milk Bar goods are available to taste.

An upper floor has a mini-mart where customers can purchase grab-and-go items and signature Milk Bar merchandise. Also featured in the mini-mart is a Send-a-Package station where customers can personalize a box of Milk Bar treats. A convenience store sells Tosi’s favorite treats including Big League Chew and a free claw machine filled with merchandise are located here too.

A build-your-own area allows customers to build a pint of ice cream for $15, a cookie for $40 and a cake from $45-$95 with Milk Bar staff. Taste testing is part of the creative process. This section also hosts a one hour Camp Milk Bar session for children ages 3-12 to learn the fundamentals (and fun) of truffle making for a cost of $35. Referred to as the build-you-own experiences, it is recommended to reserve space online prior to coming to the store. Walk-ins are only allowed if space permits.

Finally, there is an eat-in area with plenty of neon signs and cool decor that customers will definitely be photographing and posting on social media. Not only are sweet treats offered, but there are also eggplant parmessan pastry bombs, pepperoni bombs, and Italian hero bombs on the menu.

It’s hard to have a bad day inside the Milk Bar’s newest flagship location. The sights, smells, and smiles are infectious. And visitors can drop in, taste a few samples, spend a couple of dollars on a treat, or spend more time and money as their schedule suits. There is really something for everyone at Milk Bar’s newest location.