2019 was an exciting year for New York City architecture, which had felt stagnant for the last several years in a row. Along with new buildings, parks and even a new neighborhood in Manhattan debuted, laying the groundwork for a creative future of architecture and design in NYC.

The final section of the famous High Line park opened, just in time for the site’s 10-year anniversary. Renovations were completed in the Museum of Modern Art, and Brooklyn received a green paradise in the form of 407-acre Shirley Chisholm Park, named after the first African-American congresswoman.

MoMa’s Upgrade

From the original 1939 construction by Philip Goodwin and Edward Durell Stone to the 2004 lobby renovation by Yoshio Taniguchi, the Museum of Modern Art on 53rd Street has been a work-in-progress for decades. The most recent undertaking to expand the building by 40,000-square-feet was recently completed, and it sought to unify all of the collections and architectural styles that defined the museum’s past.

A New Tribute to an America Symbol

The Statue of Liberty Museum opened its doors to visitors in 2019. Tourists and proud New Yorkers alike can gather to learn about the history, origins and nuances of the incredible design. The museum also features artifacts including the original 1886 torch that Lady Liberty carried. The museum itself also serves as a fantastic vantage point to admire the statute itself in all its glory.

The TWA Hotel

The TWA Terminal has a long history in JFK Airport, and most of it is not held in high regard. The terminal was once known as a dreary corner of the airport, but now, it’s been transformed into a lavish, 500-room hotel that features access to the terminal’s retro-chic 1962 sunken lounge.
Hotel guests can choose a view of the tarmac or terminal, but anyone can visit the Sunken Lounge for free. It’s sleek white and red upholstery feels like a step back in time, and the once-defunct departure board has been transformed into a swanky cocktail bar.

Taking in The Sights

New York City is ever-changing, so both visitors and residents can find something new to experience in the coming year. As the city continues to evolve, expect to see more renovations and face-lifts to old favorites. Abandoned buildings will be restored, old stores will take on exciting new looks and the greater access to greenery will make the city life even more versatile.